The Whirl of words - A book by jonathan berkowitz


Why do word puzzles fascinate us?
How do they help develop problem-solving skills?

Jonathan Berkowitz offers a brief history of wordplay, with insights into puzzles and the brain. He offers tips on how to solve puzzles and explains the educational value of puzzles.

"Jonathan Berkowitz’s book The Whirl of Words: Puzzling Past and Present is ready, willing and very able to help your brain break out in a bit of a sweat."

The Vancouver Sun

explore the world of word puzzles


What is this book about?

The playful answer is, “It’s about 250 pages.”
A more useful answer is that it will be about word puzzles. It will entertain and educate. It will present accessible and intriguing puzzles (from easy to more advanced) of a variety of types, in combination with some explanations of the history and development of each type of puzzle.

Who is this book for?

The playful answer is, “It’s for me!” It is my response to the countless times I have been told, “You should write a book about puzzles.”
A more useful answer is that it is for anyone who has ever been intrigued or fooled by our wonderful language, and for anyone who loves the challenge of solving small mysteries with the entire English lexicon as a tool.

Explore the World of Word Puzzles

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The Whirl of Words is one of the most interesting books I've seen recently. It combines narrative on wordplay with many wide-ranging puzzles to solve. It's unusual, well-written, and witty. I recommend it!
Will Shortz
Crossword editor, The New York Times
Puzzlemaster, NPR
“This remarkable, accessible and engaging puzzle book happily pulls you into the world of codes, cryptography and crosswords with humor and good sense. Discover the names of four countries that have one-syllable English names! Define a Kangaroo word! It’s all here.”
Ira Nadel
ABOUT THE author

Jonathan Berkowitz

Professionally, Jonathan Berkowitz Ph.D. (Statistics, University of Toronto) leads a double life. He is a consulting statistician in private practice with Berkowitz & Associates Consulting Inc., and a Full-Time Lecturer with the Sauder School of Business and the University of British Columbia.

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